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If you’re looking for gymnastics clothing look no further than planet dance. We are home to a huge range of gymnastics wear including leotards, gymnastics shorts, gymnastics leggings, and gymnastics shorts, hair accessories and more.

Advice for Beginners

If you have just enrolled your son or daughter in a gymnastics class, or have decided to take up adult gymnastics yourself, the huge choice of clothing on offer may be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you should wear to class. Leotards are of course a popular choice, but there is also nothing wrong with a simple t shirt and pair of gymnastics shorts or leggings during practice, however leotards are a solution to clothing riding up or falling down during active movements, so you may find a leotard is what you, or your child prefers. As you attend more sessions, you will discover what clothing option you prefer, which is most often a leotard, as it has been designed specifically for the movements performed in gymnastics. Adult beginners may sometimes feel too ‘on show’ wearing a leotard alone, to combat this, you may want to pop on a pair of gymnastics shorts or leggings over your leotard, wear dance tights underneath or continue wearing gymnastics leggings and tops until you feel comfortable enough to practice in a leotard. Men and boys will usually wear a simple short and t shirt outfit for practices. For competitions, a leotard or biketard is an acceptable form of apparel. If men do wear leotards, they often accompany them with shorts or athletic trousers such as tracksuit bottoms.

What style of Leotard Should I go for?

There is no right answer to this question, whether you are a beginner, professional gymnast or anything in between, choosing a leotard is all about personal preference. You may find one style more comfortable than another or prefer plain solid colours to glitz and sparkle.

What style of Leotard Should I get for my child?

Choosing a leotard for your little one is a little bit different to choosing one for yourself. First of all it will depend on the age of your child, certain styles of leotards may be in fashion amongst certain age groups and your little one may want to follow the crowd. We also have some beautiful unique leotards on offer if you have a young trendsetter. If your child is younger, choosing a glitzy glamorous leotard may look adorable, but isn’t ideal for gymnastics classes as children aren’t usually the best at looking after their clothing. Save the sparkles for competitions, and invest in a good quality leotard for classes.

Long Sleeved Leotards

Long sleeved leotards are a practical and pretty choice for both gymnastics classes and competitions. They are perfect for gymnastic studios that may be a little chillier or to wear throughout winter as they cover more of the body. Long sleeve leotards are usually favoured for competitions too, as their designs are generally more extravagant.

Our Long Sleeved Leotards

Visit our long sleeved leotards page to view our full range or click the links below to take a look at some of our most popular long sleeved leotards.

Sleeveless Leotards

Sleeveless leotards are more popular amongst beginners and younger children, but can still be a graceful and glamorous choice for adults who prefer the style.

Our Sleeveless leotards

Visit our sleeveless leotards page to view our full range, or click the links below to take a look at our most popular short sleeved leotards.
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